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Konference 2017

The abstract submission for the HSM Congress 2017 is now open and will close on 2016. márc. 15.
Information and guidelines for abstract submission:​
  • Each abstract may contains 1 textpage and 1 image page  (1,5 linespacing, 12 point charachters, Times New Roman CE)
  • Please send the abstract as word or pdf  file attachement of an e-mail
  • English (and if available hungarian) abstract file name should be: forename_surname2017eng (or hun).pdf or doc, docx (e.g peter_black2017eng.pdf)
  • The body of the e-mail can contains only the name of authors, the short name/abbreviation of their affiliation, the title of the presentation  Please underline the name of the presenting author
Barna Dudok1, László Barna1, Masahiko Watanabe2, Sang-Hun Lee3, Ivan Soltesz3, István Katona1 (1IEM HAS, Budapest, Hungary; 2SMU, Sapporo, Japan; 3UCI, Irvine, USA; 4ImmunoGenes, Budakeszi, Hungary): Application of STORM super-resolution. . .
  • Please send the abstract by e-mail for both adress:
Ági  Kittel( and Zoltán Kristóf (

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